IC-EPSMSO - International Conference on Experiments / Process / System Modeling / Simulation / Optimization

Summary of 1st IC-EpsMsO

The 1st International Conference on Experiments/Process/System  Modelling/Simulation/Optimization – 1st IC EpsMsO, was held in Athens from July 6th to July 9th, 2005. The Conference was organized by the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Energy (LFME) of the University of Patras, Patras, Greece under the auspices of the Greek Association of Computational Mechanics (GRACM). Chairman and Organizer of the Congress was Professor Demos T. Tsahalis of the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Patras and Director of LFME (Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Energy).

Participation & Country statistics

The aim of the 1st IC-EpsMsO was the promotion and the dissemination of the scientific knowledge in Computational Mechanics. Furthermore, the Conference was a great opportunity for scientists from various scientific areas to get together since the papers which were presented at the Conference covered the whole spectrum of Computational Mechanics.

More than 250 Participants from all over the world attended the 1st IC-EpsMsO and presented more than 160 papers that had been organized in 29 Parallel Sessions. Contributing papers were classified in various thematic areas, such as:

Applied Nonlinear Problems: Computation and Theory

Application of Optimization Methods


Computational and Experimental Fluid Mechanics

Computational Mechanics

Electro-Mechanical Applications

Engineering Applications

Engineering Applications and Artificial Neural Networks

Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Experimental Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Engineering Applications

Health Effects in Aircraft Cabin Environment

Image and Dose Optimization in Medical Image

Intelligent Models

Medical Image Processing and Analysis

Modeling and Manufacturing Systems

Modeling and Optimization of Scheduling and Sizing Problems

Modeling of Human Activities and Behavior

Modeling of Various Pumping Devices

Simulation of Fluid Flows and Combustion

Structural Analysis

Vibrations and Fault Diagnosis of Mechanical Elements and Systems

Furthermore, 2 Mini-Symposia were organized in the frame of the 1st IC-EpsMsO

- Mini-Symposium: "Image and Dose Optimization in Medical Imaging".

Organized by : Prof. Panayiotakis G.

- Mini-Symposium: "Medical Image Processing and Analysis"

Organized by: Prof. Cavouras D.