3rd IC-EPSMSO - 3rd International Conference on Experiments / Process / System Modeling / Simulation / Optimization

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Analytical Program

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Friday, July 10th, 2009

09:30 - 10:50    Parallel Sessions

OPTIMIZATION METHODOLOGIES                                                    Room: Naoussa
Chairmen: Merta I., Kalvouridis T.

09:30-09:50    ?�?Multistart Optimization with a Trainable Decision Maker for Avoiding High
                       Valued Local Minima?��

                       Kyrgios N., Voglis C., Lagaris I.E.
    ?�?Optimization Based Cost Comparison of RC Beams of Rectangular Cross
                      Section with Different Aspect Ratios?��
                      Merta I., Kravanja S., Kolbitsch E.
   ?�?Chaotic and Deterministic Regions of Convergence in the Photo
                     Gravitational Regular Polygon Problem of (N+1) Bodies?��
Kalvouridis T.
10:30-10:50    ?�?A Simple Method for the Multipath Effect Measurement in Highly Dispersive
                     Wireless Optical Channels?��

                     Marinos D., Nistazakis H., Aidinis C., Tombras G., Tsilis M. Tsigopoulos
                     A., Fafalios M.   

CUSHION MECHANICS & EUROCODE STANDARDS                          Room: Edessa
Organized by: Provatidis C.
Chairmen: Provatidis C.

09:30-09:50    ?�?Modelling of the Dynamical Behaviour of Cushions Made of Expanded
                      Polystyrene: Application to a TV Set?��
Du Pre W., Provatidis C.
?�?Layout Optimization of a Dual-Axis Solar Tracker According to the
                      Eurocode Standards?��
Spatharis E., Venetsanos D., Provatidis C.
    ?�?Weight Minimization of a Steel Hangar Using a New Heuristic
                      Optimization Procedure and According to the Eurocode Standards?��
                      Kapogiannis A., Venetsanos D., Provatidis C.
10:30-10:50    ?�?A Novel Mechanism to Produce Figure-Eight-Shaped Closed Curves in the
                      Three Dimensional Space?��
                      Provatidis C.

ADVANCED MODELLING                                                                    Room: Kozani
Chairmen: Tsahalis H.-T., Pelaez S.

09:30-09:50    ?�?State of the Art on Fault Detection Techniques?��
Photeinos D., Tsahalis J., Tsahalis H.-T.
?�?Development of an Artificial Neural Network Based Tool for Fault Diagnosis
                      in Aircraft?��s Electrical Network?��
                      Photeinos D., Tsahalis J., Tsahalis H.-T.
     "Icosahedral Ni Nanowires Formed from Nanocontacts Breaking:
                      Identification and Characterization by Molecular Dynamics?��

 Pelaez S., Guerreo C., Paredes R., Serena P., Mochales P.G.
10:30-10:50      ?�?Mixture of RLS and LMS Algorithms in Active Noise Cancellation?��
Mardani Mehrabad A., Yazdiz Hadi Sadoghi   


11:20 - 12:20    Parallel Sessions

ENGINEERING APPLICATION SESSION II                                        Room: Naoussa
Chairmen: Georgiev I., Gholipoori A.

11:20-11:40    ?�?Policy Based Extraction and Insertion for Document Streams in
                      Concurrent and Computer-Aided Engineering?��

Georgiev I., Georgiev K.I., Beltcheva O.
?�?A Computer Model for Simulating Sunflower Growth and Yield?��
                      Gholipoori A., Sedghi M., Sharifi S.R., Heydari A.
12:00-12:20   ?�?A Study of Vibrations of a Crankshaft Having a Crack?��
      Boiangiu M., Alecu A.
12:20-12:40    ?�?Some issues on Mechanical Antigravity Mechanisms Using Two Contra
                      Rotating Masses?��
Provatidis C.

SPACE FLIGHT MECHANICS                                                               Room: Edessa
Chairmen: Rugesku R., Tsahalis D.

11:20-11:40    ?�?Wave Propagation in a Pulse Detection Engine with Application in Airborn
                      Cirligeanu R., Rugescu R.

?�?Stability Constraints Reduction during the Ascent Flight of the Orbital

Ionescu F., Gurau-Tudoran M., Constantinescu C.E., Rugescu R.
12:00-12:20   ?�?Aerodynamic of a Small Orbital Launcher Regarding Flight Stability and
                      Rugescu R., Bogoi A., Dumitrache C., Lorincz I.

12:20-12:40    ?�?Hybrid Rocket Engine Novel Technology for the Orbital Launcher NERVA"
                      Predoi S., Coman C., Bogoi A., Rugescu R.

SURFACE AND UNDERGROUND WATER FLOWS: ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS                                                                                  Room: Kozani
Chairmen: Belbas S.A., Stergiopoulos V.

11:20-11:40    ?�?Models with Memory and Hyesteresis in Groundwater Modelling and
Belbas S.A.
?�?Looking for the ?�?Carrying Capacity?�� of the Greek Urban Rivers?��
                      Stergiopoulos V., Stergiopoulou A., Stergiopoulos G.
    ?�?Modelling the Evolution and Fate of an Oil Slick with a 3-D Simulation
      Zafirakou-Koulouris A., Koutitas C., Sofianos S., Mantziafou A., Tzali M.,
                      Dermisis V., Dermisi S.