3rd IC-EPSMSO - 3rd International Conference on Experiments / Process / System Modeling / Simulation / Optimization

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Analytical Program

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Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

13:15 - 13:30    Welcome
13:30 - 14:30    Plenary Lecture

"Optimization Problems and Mathematical Optimization Methods"
by Prof. A. Kanarachos, Frederick University, Cyprus

14:30 - 15:50    Parallel Sessions

AIR, SEA & HUMAN TRANSPORT MODELLING                                 Room: Naoussa
Chairmen: Panayotov A., Georgas N.

?�?Optimizing and Streamlining the Process of Airport Analysis?��.
                      Panayotov A.
14:50-15:10    ?�?On the Congestion of Bosporous Straits?��.

                      Kontinakis N.
?�?Marine Forecasting for the New York Urban Waters and Harbor
                      Approaches: The Design and Automation of NYHOPS?��.
                      Georgas N., Blumberg A., Bruno M., Runnels D.

15:30-15:50    ?�?Advanced Techniques for Understanding and Modelling Travel Behaviour in                       Greece?��
                      Politis I., Basbas S.  

SIMULATION OF BIOLOGICAL FLOWS & DIAGNOSIS                        Room: Edessa
Chairmen: Tabirca S., Sotiropoulos F.

?�?Three Dimensional Transient Blood Flow Through a Stenosi: Transient                       Simulations?��
                      Hussain I., Langdom C.R.
?�?Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction in 3-D Engineering and                       Biological Flows?��
                      Boranjani I., Behara S., Sotiropoulos F.
15:10-15:30    ?�?Tumor Growth Prediction Using the Gopertz Model?��
                      Paltanea M., Tabirca S., Chen Y.-J., Tangney M.
    ?�?3D Cell Visualisation?��
                      Gao X.-F., Tabirca S., Tangney M.

ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS SESSIONS                                          Room: Kozani
Chairmen: Wang J., El-Katatny I.

?�?Integrated Analysis System of Afterburning in 2Xst 18 Cogeneration Power
                      Barbu E., Zavodnic F., Ionescu S., Vilag V.
?�?Optimization of Desulfurization Process for Fluidized Bed Combustors?��
                      Wang J., Anthony E.
?�?PIGASOS ?�� A New Computer Package for Simulation and Optimization of
                      Gas Sweetening Plants that Use Aqueous Amine Solutions?��
                      Lattas S
    ?�?Evaluation of the Effect of Furnace Configuration in Top Submergence Gas
                      Injection Systems Using an Air-Water Model?��

 El-Katatny I., Yang W., Morsi Y.

16:20 - 17:40    Parallel Sessions

MODELLING OF BUILDING BEHAVIOUR                                         Room: Naoussa
Chairmen: Al-Waked R., Chen T.

?�?Hybrid Cooling of a Hospital Ward-CFD Analysis?��
                      Al-Waked R.
?�?Experimental Verification of Control of Asymmetric Building Vibrations by                       Tuned Liquid Column Gas Dampers?��
                      Khalid B., Ziegler F.
    ?�?Numerical Investigation of the Natural Ventilation of a Building?��
Nikolopoulos N., Nikolopoulos A., Nikas K.-S.
17:20-17:40    ?�?Validation of Daylighting Simulation Tools, Radiance, Adeline and DOE2?��
                      Cheng T., Chen T.

HUMAN STRUCTURE FEM MODELLING                                             Room: Edessa
Chairmen: O?��Driscoll C., Stanley W.

?�?A Finite Element Analysis of a Total HIP Arthorplasty Using Modular HIP                       Implants with Respect to Material Properties?��
                      Theodorou E., Megas P., Provatidis C.
?�?Re-Analysis of the Shearing Stresses in the Cement Mantle in a Model of                       an Implanted ExterTM  Prostheses (a) on the Transferse Component of the                       HIP reaction and (b) With and Without a Collar?��
                      O?��Driscoll C., Stanley W., Colgan D., McTague D., Little E.
    ?�?A Preliminary Three Dimensional Investigation of the Radiocarpal Joint                       Using the Finite Element Method?��
Xypnitos F., Papachristou G., Grigoris P., Chronopoulos E., Kaselouris                       E., Venetsanos D.T., Provatidis D., Kollialou E., Efstathopoulos N.
17:20-17:40    ?�?Finite Element Modelling of Yarn Balloon in the Ring Spinning?��
                      Mardani Mehrabad N., Safar Johari M., Aghdam M., Mardani Mehrabad A.

MODELLING OF CASTING PROCESSES                                             Room: Kozani
Chairmen: Abuluwefa H.T., Kim S.-Y.

?�?Manufacture of Large Prototype Using Hollow Solid Model?��
                      Song H.-B., Park B.-H., Park D.-K., Kim T.-H., Jeon E.-C.
?�?A Study on the Master Model Application of Vacuum Casting Using                       Hollow Sold Model?��
                      Kim T.-H., Kim S.-Y. Han M.-S., Park Y.-C., Jeon E.-C.
    ?�?Design and Verification for Mold Support of Low Pressure Vacuum                       Injection?��
Kim S.-Y., Ahn K.-W., Park H.-S., Kim H.-S., Ahn C.-W., Jeon E.-C.
17:20-17:40    ?�?Surface Decarburization of High Carbon Steel in Multi Component Gases
                      Abuluwefa H.-T.